Party Tops

Spring storms bringing strong winds can pose a threat to poorly crafted party tops. Lakeside’s custom designed party top frames are engineered to withstand 100 mph winds. Our welded trusses and “staple-in” method used to attach fabric will help your party top weather the storm Sunbrella® marine fabrics require minimal maintenance and are mildew resistant. That means when the storm passes, you won’t be faced with party top repairs and can get back to enjoying life on the water.

If your party top has been damaged due to high winds, storm damage, weathering, or the elements, contact Lakeside for a stable, strong and durable party top that not only compliments your vessel, but can also weather the storms.

Get more use out of your boat’s outdoor spaces with a Lakeside custom designed party top. Our frames are engineered to withstand 100 mph winds, your party top offers protection from the elements and extends the recreational use of your craft.

Why You Will Love Lakeside’s Party Tops…

  • You and your guests can enjoy your boat’s outdoor spaces while protected from the elements, particularly harmful UV rays.
  • We can customize your top with brackets to accommodate outdoor ceiling fans and your satellite dish.
  • The fabrics we use require minimal maintenance, come in a variety of colors, are easy to clean, and are mildew resistant.
  • Our party tops are stable, strong and durable and can be customized to match the existing color scheme on your vessel for a unified and sophisticated look.

How it’s Made…

  • Frame: Lakeside fabricates tops in 7’ sections and uses marine-grade aluminum staple in our extrusion tubes. We weld our trusses for added strength and attach out fabric with the “staple-in” method for durability. PVC finishing trim conceals our staples, giving your vessel a polished look. The square aluminum extrusions have an open channel on one side, with a thin, aluminum webbing in the center.  Fabric is then cut to size, then STAPLED (with a pneumatic stapler) directly to the  aluminum channel inside the extrusion.  Excess fabric is then trimmed, and a complimentary or contrasting PVC trim bead is driven into the channel, covering the staples.
  • Fabric: Lakeside uses Sunbrella® marine fabrics in the color of your choice for party tops.
  • Staple: Staple-in is the revolutionary party top construction method that replaces needle & thread with steel staples. 
  • Thread: Lakeside uses SolarFix® PTFE 2000, a marine-grade thread that will not weaken or degrade due to sun, salt or wind.

Take it One Step Further…

  • Add a custom bar or grill cover to protect your entertainment area from the elements when not in use.