Cruiser Product Description

Bimini tops, enclosures and custom covers give your boat that extra "wow" factor. But, more than making your boat look its best, they play a key role in protecting you, your passengers, and your vessel from the elements. To help determine which type(s) of custom fabrication are best suited for you and your vessel check out the examples and descriptions listed below.

Aft/ drop Curtain


 A single curtain attached to an aft canopy boat top that extends across the back of the vessel. Windows are available.

Anchor / Winch


 An attractive canvas covering designed to match your boat colors while covering your anchor. 

Bimini Top


A canvas-covered, freestanding boat top with a collapsible metal frame. Bimini tops usually cover the windshield and center console of the vessel and offer shade and protection from the elements. Unlike Convertible Tops, Bimini Tops are freestanding and do not attach to the windshield.

Bow Cover


A cover that snaps into place to protect the bow seating area. A bow cover is recommended for boats with walk-through windshields and extends from the windshield to the bow. Sometimes the bow cover is referred to as the Tonneau Cover. 

Camper Top / Enclosure


 An enclosure with its own frame, canvas and windows that attaches to the back of a Bimini, Sunshade or Convertible Top. It covers the space from the cockpit to the back of the boat. 

Visor Sunshade


Framed canvas top that snaps to the cruiser’s radar arch and extended toward aft, providing shade to the boat’s rear seating area. 

Cockpit Cover


A cover that extends from the windshield base to the back of the vessel to protect the cockpit seating area. This cockpit cover is recommended for boats with walk-through windshields and is stowed away while the boat is in use. 

Console Covers


Protective cover that covers the center console and keeps its instruments safe from the elements. 

Convertible Top


Most often used in inclement weather, this top covers the open windshield area. It is secured to the top of the windshield with snaps and is supported by a frame. Unlike the Bimini Top, Convertible Tops are not freestanding and attach to the vessel’s windshield.

Drop/Aft Curtain


 Attaches to the aft canopy top and hangs straight down to the floor. Windows are available. 

Instrument Cover


 A cover designed to offer instrument panel protection. 

Hatch Cover


A cover designed to offer hatch protection.

Mooring Cover


A cover designed to protect the boat from bow to stern. Extending down to the boat’s rub rail, the mooring cover protects the vessel from the elements, debris and unwanted intrusion while the vessel is not in use. 

Side Curtain


A curtain (generally designed as a clear window) that attaches to the boat top and is then snapped to the windshield and deck on the side of the boat.

Seat Covers


 A removable cover that protects seat upholstery  from the elements. 



Tonneau-Cover protects the boat and used mainly as a winter storage cover.



The T-Top, used with boats with a center console, is made of canvas laced with rope and attached to a rectangular frame. T-Tops protect the driver from direct sun exposure. 



A clear window or several windows attached to a Bimini Top, hard top or the front of a radar arch that reach down to the top of the windshield. Used in conjunction with side curtains, the visor helps enclose the cockpit.