Give a finishing touch to your boat’s enclosure with scalloping available in yourSun Shade 12 choice of wave, traditional or straight. Lakeside’s scalloping conceals unsightly structural elements and complements or accentuates your craft’s color scheme and your personal style.

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Why You Will Love Lakeside’s Scalloping/Valance…

  • Adding scalloping/valances to your craft gives a polished appearance, lending a touch of sophistication to your vessel.
  • The fabrics we use require minimal maintenance, come in a variety of colors, are easy to clean, and are mildew resistant.
  • We offer extreme attention to detail and can customize your scalloping/valance to match or contrast your boat’s existing color scheme.

How it’s Made…

  • Fabric: Sunbrella® and Top Notch® marine fabrics in the color of your choice for our scalloping/valance work.
  • Snaps: Scalloping/valances is secured with snaps to your boat’s roof or enclosure beams.

Take it One Step Further…

  • Extend that polished look to your enclosure by adding custom pole wraps.


Scalloping 3 Designs:





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