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Tired of folding up your bimini top before leaving dock or pulling anchor Lakeside offers custom fabricated sport tops to cover your boat’s fly bridge.DSC00778 Stronger and more durable than factory biminis, Lakeside’s sport tops protect you and your instruments from the elements and are designed to compliment your craft’s color scheme, your personal style, and your specific needs.

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Why You Will Love Lakeside’s Sport Tops…

  • Sport tops do not need to be folded up prior to departure, offering convenience and 24-hour protection from the elements.
  • Sport tops can be customized to match the existing color scheme on your vessel for a unified and sophisticated look.
  • The fabrics we use require minimal maintenance, come in a variety of colors, are easy to clean, and are mildew resistant.
  • Our sport tops are custom tailored to fit your craft and protect your fly bridge from damage due to sun, salt, wind and debris.

How it’s Made…

  • Frame: Lakeside uses heavy duty schedule 40 aluminum pipe in either an anodized or mill finished, all fabricated to fit your boat’s year, make and model.
  • Fittings: Stainless steel fittings attach the sport top frame to your vessel.
  • Fabric: Lakeside uses  Sunbrella® or Top Notch® marine fabrics in the color of your choice for sport tops.
  • Attachment Options:
    1. Zip Ties: Lakeside uses weather resistant zip ties rated with a tensile strength of up to 120lbs.
    2. Lace: Lakeside uses 1/8” Neobraid® rope for lace on sport top canvas attaching.

Take it One Step Further…

  • Add custom helm covers to protect your instruments from the elements when the boat is not in use.



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