Cockpit Cover

Lakeside offers cockpit covers that extend from the windshield base to thearisticraft back of the vessel, protecting the cockpit seating area. This cockpit cover is recommended for boats with walk-through windshields and is stowed away while the boat is in use.



To request a quote for a Lakeside cockpit cover, email .

Why You Will Love Lakeside’s Cockpit Covers…

  • Cockpit covers offer a drum-tight fit to protect your boat from debris and exposure to the elements.
  • Gives a stylish, sleek appearance to your boat.
  • Simple construction makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • The dimensions vary from boat to boat. We’ll make sure yours has a perfect, custom fit.


How it’s Made…

  • Fasteners: If you currently have a cockpit cover Lakeside will make every effort to use the existing snap line. If your boat has never been studded, we will use stainless screwstuds in the boat and match the snap in the canvas to the stud in the boat.
  • Fabric: made with quality Sunbrella®  marine fabrics in your color choice.

Take it One Step Further…

  • Have Lakeside make you a custom bow cover (tonneau cover) to match your cockpit cover.
  • Cockpit covers are not recommended for long term storage. To achieve your long-term storage needs, Lakeside offers a custom mooring cover.


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