Intense sunlight filtering into your craft can damage your interior furnishings, and the DSC06173increased temperatures caused by the sun’s heat can make your interior uncomfortably hot. Lakeside’s sun shades are designed to fit your window configuration and compliment your craft’s color scheme, your personal style, and your specific needs. Made from Phifertex® Designed Fabric, Lakeside’s sun shades diffuse light without significantly reducing outward visibility and also add to your privacy by reducing inward visibility. To request a quote for a Lakeside sun shade, email

Why You Will Love Lakeside’s Sun Shades…

  • Sun shades are stylish, durable, breathable, antimicrobial, stain and flame resistant and are offered in an array of intricately woven wicker weaves, stripes and jacquards.
  • Sun shades make your interiors more comfortable by reducing solar heat.
  • Sun shades prevent your interior from fading caused by harmful UV Rays.
  • During the day, sun shades reduce inward visibility which gives you the added bonus of privacy.
  • Our sun shades are custom tailored to fit your craft, and are simultaneously stylish and useful.

How it’s Made…

  • Fabric: Lakeside uses Phifertex® Designed Fabric which blocks 65% to 90% of UV rays while diminishing visibility outward by only 15% to 40%, depending on the type of fabric you choose.
  • Thread: Lakeside uses SolarFix® PTFE 2000, a marine-grade thread that will not weaken or degrade due to sun, salt or wind.


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