Aft Curtain/Slope Back Enclosures

You have multifaceted goals for what you want in your enclosure. The Aft curtain attaches to the back of your arch and extends back to secure to the aft of the boat. Can contain windows.DeMoore, After (1) You have multifaceted goals for what you want in your enclosure. Let Lakeside help you create an enclosure that compliments your craft’s color scheme, your personal style, and your specific needs. Lakeside’s enclosures are made from high quality Sunbrella®  marine grade interior and exterior fabrics. At the top of their class, these fabrics require minimal maintenance, come in a variety of colors, are easy to clean, and are mildew resistant.To request a quote for a Lakeside Aft/Slope back enclosure, email You Will Love Lakeside’s Enclosures…

  • We use quality Sunbrella®  marine fabrics in your color choice.
  • Aqua-View a premium line of clear vinyl for marine use.
  • Our enclosures are custom tailored to fit your vessel, and we fulfill your specific enclosure needs.


How it’s Made…

  • Welt: A strip of Kedar welt is sewn on a strip of fabric and a #10 marine grade zipper. This then slides into the track that has been attached to the arch. This is called “Filler to Arch” and is what we use to attach your enclosure.
  • Fabric: Sunbrella®  marine fabrics in the color of your choice for enclosures.
  • Windows:  Lakeside uses Aqua-View vinyl for windows. Benefits include resistance to clouding, yellowing, cracking and scratching. Amazing clarity.
  • Thread:  SolarFix ®  PTFE 2000, a marine-grade thread that will not weaken or degrade due to sun, salt or wind.
  • Lenzip precision zippers are quality built to high standards for long, trouble free service under demanding applications


Take it One Step Further…

  • Add extra windows to allow for light.
  • We have several upgrades available to complement your enclosure including U-zip windows,  screens, zipper flaps



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