Cruisers Enclosures

Sophistication. Durability. Usability. Aesthetics. You have multifaceted goals for what you want in your  custom enclosure. Let Lakeside help you create an enclosure that compliments your craft’s color scheme, your personal style, and your specific needs. Lakeside’s enclosures are made from high quality Sunbrella® marine-grade exterior fabrics. At the top of their class, these fabrics require minimal maintenance, come in a variety of colors, are easy to clean, and are mildew resistant.

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Why You Will Love Lakeside’s Enclosures…

We use quality Sunbrella®  marine fabrics in your color choice.

Our windows are produced using, Aqua-View, UV blocking coated vinyl – is the clearest, most consistent “regular” vinyl ever produced.

Aqua-View offers visual clarity to other press-polished vinyls offered today. Makes your space more usable while offering year-round protection from the elements and debris

Our enclosures are custom tailored to fit your vessel, and we fulfill your specific enclosure needs.


How it’s Made…

Molding: We use stainless steel screws to attach permanent flex-a-rail molding to the vessel.

Welt: A strip of Kedar welt is sewn along the top of each panel. This then slides into the flex-a-rail molding.

Fabric:  Sunbrella® marine fabrics in the color of your choice for our enclosures.

Windows: Lakeside uses Aqua-View  press-polished vinyls. Benefits include resistance to clouding, yellowing, cracking and scratching. Amazing clarity.

Thread: Lakeside uses SolarFix ® PTFE 2000, a marine-grade thread that will not weaken or degrade due to sun, salt or wind. Guaranteed to outlast any fabric.

Marine Fittings: All Fittings from the usual jaw slides and eye ends to the specialty swivel mounts will be Stainless Steel Marine Grade Fittings. Our snaps have stainless steel post.


Take it One Step Further…

Add custom Sun Shades for privacy or to block intense sunlight.

We have upgrades available to complement your enclosure including U-zip windows, screens, MAKROLON AR polycarbonate windows

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